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August 5, 2018
Calculating Tree Volumes
August 17, 2018

Unlocking the information value of mobile scan and image data for everyone in a large organization like a transportation agency is the goal of the Leica GeoSystems Pegasus:WebViewer.

The Pegasus:WebViewer is the new web browser independent data sharing platform for mobile mapping data captured with Leica Geosystems mobile sensor platforms. With easy access to this cloud-based software, you can now view and share your data at anytime from anywhere, enabling faster visualization, delivery and invoicing of your captured data through cloud storage.

The Pegasus:WebViewer allows point cloud renderings in any browser without the need to install additional plug-ins. The seamless 360° images and frame imagery can be visualized, calibrated with the point cloud and can be used either for navigation or for measurement.

Storing the data in the cloud on the WebViewer server provides data security through user selected security profiles administered at the WebViewer server. You control who can access which data and at what level of access.

The WebViewer has four major components – Publisher, Administration, Viewer and SDK/API. The Publisher allows you to create the database from the mobile collected data and the back end Administrator enforces the access and user controls. The Viewer is very powerful, yet easy to use even from your smart phone. It supports spatial/time queries, on screen measurements and is browser independent. The views can be selected to display all combinations of map, point cloud and imagery.

The SDK/API lets developers incorporate the geodatabase of imagery and point clouds all managed in the cloud freeing third party developers to concentrate on the applications they specialize in.

If you are looking for a software environment that allows you to leverage your investment in mobile data by making it easily accessible to everyone in your organization you need to take a look at the Leica GeoSystems Pegasus:WebViewer. Seeing is believing.

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