High Powered Laser Scanner Can See Around Corners

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Through the use of a high powered, non-line-of-sight laser researchers at Stanford University are demonstrating the ability to see around corners. I wonder what the safety issues are with this new laser camera.

From an article in Physics.org by Taylor Kubota.

David Lindell, a graduate student in electrical engineering at Stanford University, donned a high visibility tracksuit and got to work, stretching, pacing and hopping across an empty room. Through a camera aimed away from Lindell—at what appeared to be a blank wall—his colleagues could watch his every move.

That’s because, hidden to the naked eye, he was being scanned by a high powered laser and the single particles of light he reflected onto the walls around him were captured and reconstructed by the camera’s advanced sensors and processing algorithm.

“People talk about building a camera that can see as well as humans for applications such as autonomous cars and robots, but we want to build systems that go well beyond that,” said Gordon Wetzstein, an assistant professor of electrical engineering at Stanford. “We want to see things in 3-D, around corners and beyond the visible light spectrum.”

The camera system Lindell tested, which the researchers are presenting at the SIGGRAPH 2019 conference Aug. 1, builds upon previous around-the-corner cameras this team developed. It’s able to capture more light from a greater variety of surfaces, see wider and farther away and is fast enough to monitor out-of-sight movement—such as Lindell’s calisthenics—for the first time. Someday, the researchers hope superhuman vision systems could help autonomous cars and robots operate even more safely than they would with human guidance.

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